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We love Big Ideas. At Silver Oaks, our big ideas have generated spectacular projects for our clients – from concept to completion – for more than 30 years. Fully integrated creative media for everyone. History museums to athletic venues, Fortune 500 companies to startups. We believe there are no little clients, only Big Ideas. See how our big ideas come to life.

What's Goin' On

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    4K/Ultra High Def Video – Silver Oaks 4K UHD cameras offer the best qualities of motion picture film in a digital HD format – ideal for museums, sports coverage and large-format displays.

  • bluCache_main1

    Your Point of Interest is Our Business. – bluCACHE™ is a new Bluetooth®-based wireless information system providing venue visitors with more details about featured artifacts and displays on their smart devices.

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    Texas A&M – Silver Oaks produced four large-scale media presentations for the Bright Football Complex at Texas A&M University that show the passion of Aggie football.


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    Everything is centered on an idea.

    We combine experience and expertise, current trends and fresh concepts.
    Ideas expressed in the right media to reveal your message in its best light –
    so your audience can see it, hear it and experience it.

    Engage, interact, explore.

    Created by Silver Oaks, bluCACHE™ is a new Bluetooth®-based system that gives your visitors more to learn, experience and take away from your point of interest. This customized app for smartphones and tablets is proximity based – as visitors approach a display, the app provides them with extra information.

    Getting it write.

    It’s not just about what you say, it’s about how you say it. Words get things spinning and carry projects along their creative way. From rough draft to script, ad, book or brochure, our writers ask the important questions, do the in-depth research and move your story in the right direction.

    Custom design and development.

    Outstanding performance and great looks – together they’re an unbeatable combination. Design, coding, content and usability. It’s all there. We manage every side of web development in-house. Where there’s good form, function follows.

    See the difference.

    Silver Oaks 4K UHD cameras offer the best qualities of motion picture film in a digital HD format – ideal for museums, theater presentations, sports coverage and large-format displays. This technology offers unprecedented resolution quality with stunning clarity.

    Project focus.

    Lighting, angle, mood, moment. Great photography takes skill and experience, capturing scenes that tell the story. On location or in-house, we create memorable images that enhance your message. High-level presidents to low-light product shots – big or small, we’ve photographed it all. We have the depth of field!

    Realize your competitive advantage.

    So many ways to get your word out…which is the right one? Silver Oaks will help you find your voice. We’ll study your business and chart a course, choosing the right methods and mediums to help you grow and reach your target audience. And the best part is – we can create it all here!

    Customized games, apps and kiosks.

    Combine imagination with education and you have award-winning interactives from Silver Oaks. We use all of our talents – design, writing, programming and editing – to engage, entertain and teach your audiences. Play games and utilize mobile apps. Experience it all in museums, halls of fame, visitor centers and more.

    Fresh, targeted, professional impact.

    Silver Oaks design tells your story. Reveals your message. Because we take time to understand you. Good design intrigues. Motivates. Elicits emotion. Our experienced graphic designers know their craft and collaborate with our writers and PreMedia department to bring you one-of-a-kind, never cookie-cutter results.

    Hear it here!

    Motion-picture-quality film deserves motion-picture-quality audio. Compelling music and sound effects enhance the visitor experience. Silver Oaks’ audio recordings are developed and mixed inside our studio using the latest professional-grade software. Experience and attention to detail produce unforgettable results.

    Fun. Imaginative. Original.

    It begins with art. Technology gives it shape. Animation from Silver Oaks takes a creative idea and transforms it into a living, moving art form. Images that float, crash, transform, leap and grow. Memorable messages that command attention. Remarkable results that motivate and enthrall.

    Over 30 years
    creative media
    of creative media
    Our People

    We’re a colorful bunch –

    videographers and audio specialists, designers and writers, programmers, project managers and more. And here’s a kick. Combined, we have nearly a gazillion years of experience! Big Ideas happen when great minds think...differently. And that's a good thing. Meet a few members of our Silver Oaks team.

    • Diana2

      Diana Hawbaker

      PreMedia Department Manager

      In 1991, I was part of the original startup team for the Silver Oaks PreMedia Department. My prior experience working with a printing company enabled me to get our department off the ground. I realized this was a progressive group who saw the future of electronic and premedia technology. We were the first in the Quad Cities to output press-ready films directly from desktop, and even partnered with Kodak to make that happen. All these years later our original digital team is still intact, and it’s awesome to see their expertise combined with new technology to create amazing images and collateral for all media.

    • Julie2

      Julie Myers

      Marketing / Media Buyer

      I am definitely a hands-on learner, and I immediately felt comfortable as part of the Silver Oaks team – which in many ways feels more like a family. Before landing here, I worked in the radio industry for over 12 years. In my radio career I was involved in promotions like live concerts and on-air broadcasts; but did planning for bridal expos, Halloween walks and large community events too. My ability to be flexible and easily learn new things has been a plus here at Silver Oaks. The sum of all my experiences helps me understand my clients and provide great customer service and marketing expertise.

    • MaryF2

      Mary Feeney

      Writing Department Manager

      Since grade school I’ve known that my perfect career was one where I could do something different every day. I was not a “put the whatchamacallit on the thingamajig a thousand times a day” kind of person. In the 14 years I’ve been with Silver Oaks, there’s never been a dull moment. I edit and proof everything that leaves our doors – from John Deere videos to Johnny Football kiosks. I work closely with our writing department and our creative teams to make sure we are clear, consistent and accurate with every project. At Silver Oaks, there’s always something new to tackle, and I look forward to what every new day brings.

    • Tammy1

      Tammy Geertz

      Project Manager

      As a Project Manager at Silver Oaks, my ability to look at the big picture is an important part of what I do – the managing part. And then there’s the energy level at Silver Oaks, the creativity – it’s palpable. Everything begins with an idea, and to see it through to the end of the project is really fulfilling. But if I look at what makes me tick, it’s the common ground I find with people. Everything I embrace and hold dear in life has to do with the relationships I make. Making true connections with people is what I thrive on. And having happy clients on top of that is the icing on the cake.

    • Nick2

      Nick Scott

      Account Executive

      On a bet, my buddy and I signed up for the Chicago Marathon a few years ago. We began running a mile, and in nine months were marathon-ready. So far, I have completed six marathons, multiple triathlons and the Tahoe Ironman. Just like training, my work at Silver Oaks is more about perseverance than instant gratification. I like getting to know clients and understanding their business from all sides. I grew up in an atmosphere where art and advertising and marketing were talked about a lot. And I am happy to be part of a team of creative people who, like me, are always ready to take on new challenges.

    • Katie2

      Katie Macke

      Interactive/Web Department Manager

      When I was in high school, I worked at the local newspaper. My job was to color the comic strips in Photoshop. I gave Ziggy a tie-dyed shirt, and they moved me to classifieds! I enjoyed the newspaper world though, and when a job came up in PreMedia at Silver Oaks, it was a natural fit. I assumed I’d make my career there. Again – not my last stop! I now manage our web development and interactive departments. Some days I work on web projects, other days I am in front of the CEO of a company talking about web content. Silver Oaks lets me show off my true colors by never limiting my creativity.

    • Kristen2

      Kristen Pirch


      Here at Silver Oaks, I like being the first person people see – the person at the front desk who makes everyone feel comfortable and welcome. People ask me how I stay so positive and I like to say, “When you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands!” (Big laugh.) I also know people appreciate hearing a real voice on the phone when they call instead of a recording. If I am gone on vacation, clients will ask, “Where’s Kristen?” It’s nice to feel like I’ve brightened someone’s day in a small way.

    • Jennifer2

      Jennifer Sautter

      Project Consultant

      One of my favorite things about Silver Oaks is that I’m in an atmosphere where I can be myself – which doesn’t fit into a single category. I’m somewhere in between nerd and cheerleader! In college I was part English Lit major and part sorority president. I like the “nerdiness” that comes with digging into things and problem solving; but I also like the social side that comes with getting to know clients and providing them with excellent customer service. So I find myself cheering for our Silver Oaks team when we deliver really great solutions, and cheering for our clients when they are happy with the results.

    • Greg2

      Greg Scott


      Up the road from my alma mater, Augustana College, is where Silver Image was born, and would evolve into Silver Oaks Communications. It was just a small upstairs room with an editing suite not much bigger than a cubicle. We were a creative group with an eye for videography and multimedia when it was young. Today, our building is 23,000 square feet with design and interactive departments, web programming areas and a full floor of video suites. The world has changed, but the core of our business has remained the same. We’re visionary. Impassioned. Self-directed. We’re 40+ people strong and 31-years-young.

    • Dan2

      Dan Diederich

      Art Director

      When I was a kid, I’d stretch out on the living room floor and draw for hours. I’d go through reams of paper and would give drawing lessons to my sister. I began working as a graphic designer in the mid-1970s when we did everything by hand, including coloring with Pantone markers and waiting three days for photos to return from the lab. I’ve been at Silver Oaks since day one (literally!) and I’ve always loved being around a creative team of people. Contributing to our visual solutions and seeing the final outcome of a project still gives me the rush I experienced as a kid. After all these years, it’s still fun.

    • Tim2

      Tim Wren

      Account Executive

      Growing up, I played football and baseball and wrestled. I was a huge sports fan, and also a history buff. I’m an Iowa Hawkeye through and through, so one of the highlights of my career was working with the University of Iowa and seeing the sports legends I’ve idolized honored in their hall of fame. Interestingly, I wasn’t hired because of my sports background. But as I became involved in museum projects and halls of fame, I realized how much I love this side of our business. From the Hawkeyes to the NFL to the PGA (wow!), the partnerships I’ve formed and the knowledge I’ve gained makes me a great team player.

    • Dean1

      Dean Otte

      Video/Audio/Animation Department Manager

      I grew up in a small town with no cable TV. One summer my Dad invested in an 80s-style satellite dish. I could see news and sports from anywhere in the country – I was hooked! In fact, I loved the news so much that I ended up going into TV and worked as a videographer for years. I liked the pace, but I realized I wanted to put more time and creativity into my work – which lead me to Silver Oaks. The capabilities we have here are amazing and I enjoy brainstorming with our team to create high-end video solutions. And as a product of the TV generation, it’s exciting to use my creative eye to help clients tell their stories.

    • Emily2

      Emily Snyder

      Account Executive

      I love to bake, especially sugar cookies. And – don’t judge – I love the show, Ace of Cakes! My favorite part is when everyone gets together to brainstorm and the end result is magic. It reminds me of how we work together at Silver Oaks – how all the talents come together and one idea evolves into a really great final project. In all my years in radio and media sales, I always looked at Silver Oaks as the place I wanted to be. I sell to my clients the way I want to be sold, based on great relationships and great problem-solving. And when that happens, the results are sweet.

    • Grace2

      Grace Burt

      Project Manager

      I love the water and I spend a lot of my free time sculling on the Mississippi River. I’ve always preferred single rowing to team rowing because I like the challenge. Which is interesting because at Silver Oaks I’m part of a big team of people. As a project manager, I’m always coordinating multiple projects, and enjoy all the communicating and problem-solving it takes. I’m a start-to-finish kind of person, so getting to the end of a successful project is like winning a race. There’s a sense of personal accomplishment, but it’s a team effort too. It’s a victory times three – for me, my co-workers and our clients.


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      The Project:

      Develop a series of large-scale media presentations for display in the Bright Football Complex that set the stage for recruits of what it means to be a Texas A&M Aggie.

      Our Role:

      Silver Oaks produced four custom multimedia presentations that exhibit the enthusiasm and passion of Texas A&M football. ”Game Day Experience” is the focal exhibit in the space. Housed in a semi-circular glass structure, the exhibit features five highly dynamic videos that span across seven 55” monitors to showcase the iconic Aggie game day experience. The custom edited videos feature footage that Silver Oaks’ team shot in College Station - including both 4K and time lapse footage. ”Johnny Manziel: 2012 Heisman Trophy Winner” is a :90 looping video that plays on a large, portrait-oriented video wall, highlighting Johnny Manziel’s epic 2012 season. ”Adidas System: Design Your Own Uniform” is a touchscreen interactive that allows visitors to interact with a large, portrait-oriented video wall to custom configure their own Aggie uniform, personalize the jersey with their name and number, and then share their creation via email. ”Aggies in the NFL” is a touchscreen interactive that enables visitors to search via a large, portrait-oriented video wall by team, player or coach to see how their favorite Aggies have done in the NFL.
      Exhibit Designer: Populous
      Exhibit Fabricator: 1220 Exhibits

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