Jumer’s Casino & Hotel "Vegas" Campaign

Jumer’s Casino & Hotel kicked off their new campaign as the place to go for Vegas style excitement and gaming with a series of TV spots created by Silver Oaks. The client was looking for more than the typical scenes of people acting excited about winning; they wanted to capture the iconic images of Vegas. Our use of glitzy symbols such as Elvis, showgirls and more portrays the fun and excitement of Vegas and ties in to the new tag line, “Vegas without the flight.” A recurring theme in the series of commercials produced by Silver Oaks is that Jumer’s Casino & Hotel is so much like Vegas visitors are convinced they’re really there.

The commercials were shot in HD using prime movie lenses to control the depth of field and give a rich film look, complementing the overall elegant appearance of the locations.

This commercial hits upon the modern frustrations of air travel. Our creative team took a humorous look at an older lady wanting to go to Vegas and the stubborn TSA agent she encounters at the airport. All is resolved when she realizes that she doesn’t have to fly to experience Vegas style fun…she can just go to Jumer’s. This commercial was shot partly on green screen and made use of our compositing talents to create realistic airport locations.

Ever imagine that your wife is a Vegas showgirl? The man in this commercial does. See what happens when you dream about Vegas then realize you really only need to go to Jumer’s!

This commercial follows four Vegas showgirls in various locations throughout Jumer’s, dressed in authentic Las Vegas showgirl costumes. They think they are in Vegas, the patrons are bewildered, and one customer in particular is quite excited to see the showgirls at Jumer’s. On the day of the shooting, crew and customers alike enjoyed the beauty and extravagance of the showgirls. There’s nothing like high heels and feathers to make this spot memorable!

“Let’s Get Married”
Following up on the positive feedback from the previous “Showgirls” spot, this fast-paced commercial shows that one of the Jumer’s visitors is now dating one of the beautiful showgirls! On a romantic evening out at Jumer’s, he impetuously proposes and wants to get married now – Vegas style. In this humorous scenario, several of Jumer’s amenities are mentioned to showcase the variety of guest services at Jumer’s Casino & Hotel.

In this spot, Elvis assures us he knows Vegas. The look of the casino, the action, the buffet – he’s certain he is in Vegas, until the Jumer’s spokesperson sets him straight. The humorous angle makes the commercial spot memorable and entertaining, and helps keep Jumer’s Casino & Hotel top of mind when viewers are choosing a place to go for a fun night out on the town.